The Eddystone Race 2013

At 10am, Friday 12th July 2013, Freedom set sail from Torquay harbour to take part in the Eddy stone Race.  This describes the three days at sea from the authors perspective.
Let me introduce you to the crew members:

Tom Glomb, Skipper.  Tom discovered another talents whist cruising and that was posing as a male model.  He took Lesley’s fund raising suggestion of a Freedom Skippers Calendar seriously and practised his nautical poses throughout the trip. Determined to beat Rick Albrook to being Mr January.

Len Skinner, 1st Mate.  Len was being sponsored on the trip by Crocs footwear (more later about the crocs).  Len was misheard by Rose when discussing his day job, and she ordered several Simulators.

Liz Skinner, Leading Hand.  No relation to Len, Liz provided the glamour on board and ensured the ships company were well turned out on all occasions.  Taking Len to task for wearing white socks with his crocks and the lack of suitable headgear by the female members of crew she kitted them out herself.

Stephen Peck Able Seaman and Interpreter.  Stephen was fully kitted out in Liverpool strip, much to the annoyance of the Chelsea fan on board.  He ensured that the multi lingual crew members could add another language to their skills and all are now fluent in Scouse.

Rose Hewitt Ships Entertainment Manager and Comedienne.  Rose brought a whole new meaning to “Rose Water”, which smelt and looked a lot like Brandy.  Rose kept up ships morale and her impersonation of the donkey from Shrek “are we nearly there yet” on the journey outbound nearly got her thrown overboard.

Lesley Adams, Ships Cook, Scrubber and Inter-faith Padre.  All was going well until the Skipper pointed out when finding her on her hands and knees in the cabin that she was facing the wrong way for Mecca.  Cooking was a particular challenge as this was the first time she had used a cooker let alone the one on Freedom.

David Tomalin Stowaway.  David sneaked on board sometime on Friday once we had moored in Plymouth.  He was an instant hit with the female members of the crew when they discovered he had 3 toilets at home and a porta potty in his garage.  No amount of inducements from Rose could persuade him to swap places with her so she could sleep in his garage.  He clearly had been warned of the danger of sharing a cabin with the Cook.
Day 1 Sail to Plymouth
The morning sail was fairly uneventful.  We were very impressed with Dave Musgrove for organising the air display at Yeovilton to give us a fly past when approaching Dartmouth.  The wonderful weather and afternoon tea complete with real French bread and brie care of Liz set the mood for the weekend.  Race what Race?  Meanwhile the crew members completed their NVQs in toilet flushing and tea making.  Arriving at sunset in Plymouth where we experienced the only wind (apart from later when Stephen had had several pints of Doom Beer), we went ashore to a local hostelry.  Walking back in the dark we were led by Len due to his florescent socks which was either due to too much Glow White or he was radioactive.

Day 2 The Race
We woke up to find Stephen on deck ready to go.  As this was 6.30 he got a blasting from the female members of crew, who however used the time to fix their hair, make up and make themselves presentable in anticipation of the appearance of Dave. Could he be persuaded to take them home with them?  A night of Freedom’s toilet had been a bit too much to bear.  The cook’s appearance however made a whole new fashion statement and she was glad of an old cap to mask the dragged through a hedge look she was now sporting.  Len was still very attached to his socks and crocs look, and again it was left to Liz to add the glamour.  The race was interesting as there was a lot of cheating (not by the DSA) and no wind until we returned past the finishing buoy.   Stephen being on look- out was the master of understatement when we realised his “oh oh” was a cry of impending doom.  We finished the race 19th and before sunset.  Thank goodness as Rose having sampled her Rose Water was appearing three sheets to the wind.  The evening was spent with other ships crews in the Aquarium.  We felt uncomfortable eating our fish and chips whilst being watched by the various sea life in the giant tank.  Dave was propositioned again but declined.  What a gent.

Day 3 Homeward bound
The skipper decided we needed to get up early to catch the tides so we motored out of Plymouth and then hoisted sail.  The cook had given up on bacon sandwiches and decided to go with the French theme and served croissants.  Again becalmed with the winds we decided to sail into Dartmouth. Several crew members disembarked leaving Rose and Lesley to snooze in the afternoon sun.  Liz taking pity on Lesley’s dishevelled appearance bought her a Captain’s hat worn at a jaunty angle.  Unfortunately on the rest of the crew’s return her new status had gone to her head (or too much sun) and she was demanding the crew salute her before coming on board.  Len at this point had realised that he had forgotten his sponsorship by Crocs and proceeded to “lose” his shoe overboard much to the amusement of the Dartmouth tourists.  Fortunately there was an England cricket team member on the jetty who hooked it out and lobbed it back on board, headed by Liz and caught by Len.  We arrived back in Torquay at 7.30pm looking like we had been on a Caribbean holiday, but what a wonderful time we had.  Due to the lack of wind and the gorgeous weather there were little sailing mishaps to report.  I never did find out what the Cruising Sail was for, apart from keeping Len and Tom occupied as it went up and down several times.  I could not understand why there are not Tommy Typee cups instead of the mugs.   I can however now use a cooker as long as it rocks gently, speak Scouse, and not go to the toilet for long spells.

Lesley Adams newly promoted to Captain working on being a Vice-Admiral.