A few photos of members sailing over the summer:



GALLERY Photos of Freedom from Zig Zag A DAY OUT ON FREEDOM – 25 August 2013 Liz at the wheel Group Pictures SALCOMBE OVERNIGHT TRIP 2-3 Sept 2013 The rest of the gang before we set off Windless sail Are two heads better than one? Skipper and mate try and recalibrate wind meter to knots Three points to starboard helmsman. Playing with the helm navigation equipment. Otherwise known as Three heads are better than one. Or is it too many cooks! Start Point lighthouse across the shambles. Note the rougher water than other pictures, due to the currents around the headland known as races. Looking back on Start Point. You can see the calmer water. We did get to see a small pod of Porpoises but the best picture was still blurred what with the sea swell and trying to judge when they would surface. Even larger yachts could not find wind and only overtook us by virtue of a larger engine. Headland navigation point for Salcombe harbour behind Prawle Point. Looking back through the arch after rounding Prawle Point. Rusty wreckage on the shore line. Up the estuary into Salcombe. Sunrise at Salcombe harbour. Skipper on lookout duties at the bow, navigating out of Salcombe. On the return leg we kept to the coastal rout between Start Point and Dartmouth so got a really good look at Hallsands, the now abandoned village that is falling into the sea.  The houses seen here were once up on the cliff above. Dart Castles either side of the rivermouth which used to string a chain between them as a naval defence. The naval College is to be seen right at the back. Berry Head fort as Napoleonic fleet would have seen it. We got within 100 metres of Berry Head as the cliffs continue their sheer fall to 30 meters below. This picture is deceptive as it was taken with extreme wide angle to get it all in. We motored into harbour right under the cruise liner Artania. Again extreme wide angle shot.

Barn Dance Christmas 2011

Older Pictures of Members Sailing